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Simply come along to any our Classes and Join in. All you need to bring with you are jogging trousers, t-shirt and training shoes. Also bring some water! If you decide to continue, then we can supply karate suits and training equipment through the Association at discounted prices.

Being new, there is one thing to bear in mind - all the people you will train with, started out like yourself. So why not come along for one nights training? your first class is free.

For Further Information Contact Stephen McGlinchey.

We keep our class sizes small with a high instructor to student ratio; With experienced instructors that take the time to listen and guide each student personally, you’ll never have to worry about being lost in the crowd.

Our purpose at Shotokai Karate-do Association is to teach and lead every student, and challenge them to constantly push themselves to a higher level by consistently setting and achieving goals.
We strive to teach and uphold Shotokai Karate-do in accordance with its recognised historical background along with new and updated learning/taching methods.
We require good character first – before membership is granted. We take our responsibility as Karate teachers very seriously; bad attitude, ego, and arrogance are unwelcome.

We believe that the most important trophy is your life, and we train accordingly.
We believe the old maxim “Train as if your life depends on it, someday it will”.
We have a structured and flexible curriculum and syllabus that our certified and licensed instructors adhere to and implement Shotokai Karate-do.

All Instructors are experienced Adult black belts.

We believe that every single student has the capability to achieve their goals through regular training at the Dojo; We do not employ “Program Directors” (salespeople) or require “elite” programs to learn at a faster rate.
Everyone sets their own learning pace, and advances according to the amount of effort and practice that they put forth.
Rank is earned, not given. There is no timeline given for automatic promotion. Train hard, get results. No rewards for mediocrity
We, as a Shotokai Karate-do dojo, are family. Students are treated as family members, not simply customers. We believe in getting to know our students and help them be the very best in every endeavor.
We train not for sport, but for life; not only protection of life, but longevity and health through consistent training.
We are not a tournament school; we are a traditional Shotokai Karate-do dojo. We train hard. We train in both the classical and modern ways. Patience is a must, and so is a positive attitude. We focus on the development of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, not just the development of physical skill. Shotokai Karate-do is not a sport; it is a personal pursuit for every single practicioner. The practice adds balance and depth to our lives."

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