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Who can learn Martial Arts?
Provided you are in good health you can train with us. Our Coaching Certificates include teaching individuals with disabilities. We may ask you to check with your GP that you can take part.
People of all ages and abilities are able to learn martial arts. The youngest student is 5 years old and our eldest is 75!

As a new student what should I expect?
The first few classes might feel a bit strange as you are introduced to new skills and some Japanese terminology! Afterwards you may experience a little stiffness in your muscles as you would with any new exercise routine. Within a few short weeks you should notice an increase in your level of fitness balance and co-ordination! By this time you will be starting to understand why Karate has so much to offer and hopefully get "the bug" like so many of us who have gained so much from Karate for many years!

What the club expects of you?

To train to the best of your ability and have a  strong and positive attitude!
The more you train the better your ability will become and the quicker you can help pass the knowledge to others!

What will I need to train?

Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn! Come along to any of the classes and join in we will giude you through the class.
Once you have attended a few classes you will become familiar with how the school operates and if you decide like many of us that you love it, we will have you measures up for your first Gi (white karate suit)

What do I wear to my first class?
Loose clothing  - t-shirt, jogging trousers and training shoes (these are optional)
Many of us train with bare feet, this is at the students discretion

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